Interview With Werner Barkhuizen

podcast Nov 03, 2020

Werner Barkhuizen is a Doctor of organizational psychology, CEO, and founder of DRWRNRB Holdings which owns several subsidiary companies which include TalentSolved, Digital Clarity, Saville Consulting, SafeXtract, and Centurion Aircraft, to name but a few.   


Dr. Barkhuizen is an entrepreneur with varied business interests across the world, with a presence in more than 33 countries; and throughout diverse industries ranging from mining, franchising to forensic psychology in countries such as South Africa, Russia, and the USA. 

 Dr. Barkhuizen brings a unique perspective to the field of business and organizational psychology. Not only did he establish one of the largest psychological assessment and talent management companies in Africa, but he is also an accomplished helicopter pilot licensed on more than 6 helicopter types and he holds patents and several interesting software solutions used in a variety of industries.  As a licensed organizational psychologist, he has a passion for organizational strategy, values, culture, leadership, behavioral change, consumer psychology, augmented and virtual reality, psychometric assessment, and much more.

Werner and Jeff dive into his experiences that have led him to where he is today! We talk about some of the following: 


  • Werner's early life, kicking off his career at only 6 years old and working with his father
  • How learning self-reliance is empowering 
  • Working smarter vs. working harder 
  • How Werner became a psychologist after finding a passion for human behavior 
  • Werner's one regret 
  • Werner's core beliefs about people, psychology, and that idea that so much of life is an illusion

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