Interview With Nick Neonakis

podcast Oct 27, 2020

Nick Neonakis has over 20 years of experience in franchising, finance, and business to help people realize their dream of independent business ownership.

Nick Neonakis joins us on the Jeff Dudan Show. Nick’s vast business experience both domestically and internationally brings us an awesome opportunity to talk about franchising, entrepreneurship, motivating through education, and achieving freedom through business ownership.  

Nick was born in Athens, Greece, and moved to the United States at 5 years old. Speaking very little English when he started Kindergarten, Nick started learning right off the bat. Nick talks about a very idealistic upbringing filled with entrepreneurial opportunities and early memories of shoveling snow, selling donuts and coffee during the Gas Crisis of 1973, and more. 

Nick and I dive into creating a foundation for entrepreneurship by talking about the following topics and more: 

  • The business-athlete and how track and field may have impacted Nick’s career

  • Nick’s first job during the summer between 7th and 8th grade 

  • How selling jewelry in Santorini shaped Nick’s career

  • How Nick got into the world of franchising 

  • Why Nick decided to jump into consulting 

  • The importance of building a business plan and getting started

  • Navigating speed to decision vs. slow, processed planning

  • so much more

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