Interview With Kevin McCarthy

podcast Oct 06, 2020

On the first episode of The Jeff Dudan Show, we are excited to welcome Kevin McCarthy. Join us as we break down Kevin’s journey and chat about key experiences from different stages in his life that have shaped who he is today.


Kevin W. McCarthy is the Chief Leadership Officer of On-Purpose Partners, a Winter Park, FL-based business strategy advisory firm. He’s an entrepreneur and classically educated business leader with an MBA from The Darden School on the grounds of the University of Virginia and an undergraduate degree in business and economics from Lehigh University.

Since the late 1980s, Kevin has likely directly or indirectly influenced your life and business through his visionary thinking and writing in the field of business leadership. At that time, he began a conversation about purpose and being on-purpose. Even today, his On-Purpose® Approach is the gold standard in this field and remains on the leading edge of personal development and business leadership thinking.

Kevin shares that the times have really changed, as he describes a key experience from his childhood - getting home from school each day using public transportation. Kevin noticed that not all children riding the bus had easy access to candy-like he did. Through this, Kevin developed an early passion for entrepreneurship (and some serious cavities) which pushed him towards his work today.

Tune in as we discuss just some of the following:

  • What his youth sport experiences taught him about becoming a Business Athlete

  • How his experiences with business challenges have shaped his mission today

  • The “tough shift” mentality

  • Kevin’s near brush with bankruptcy lead him down a path of leadership and development

  • The importance of getting rid of the “crabby” people

  • How to understand your values and placing importance on those values to build a roadmap for your life


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