Interview With Josh Wall

podcast Nov 10, 2020

Josh is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Franchise Officer at Urban Air Adventure Parks. 

Josh Wall has spent most of his career in the world of franchising, and today is considered a seasoned leader in franchise development. He is passionate about relationships and building strong, durable, and lasting connections that drive shareholder value. He’s known for developing strong leaders that carry the brand’s visions to a place of excellence. 

Throughout the episode, we touch on Josh's early years, his transition into adulthood, and then his career today!

  • Josh's commitment to a great work ethic and where that comes from.  

  • His first taste of franchising came through his mom.

  • He starts with franchising at Jason's Deli.

  • How Josh learned the idea of "process" when he started working at California Pizza Kitchen.

  • Josh's start with Christian Brothers Automotive.

  • When Josh knew he was passionate about small-business development. 

  • How Josh was the catalyst in his parent's franchising journey. 

  • Why Josh is so passionate about his role today with the #1 Entertainment Franchise. 

  • Why it's so important to be an encourager through both our words and our actions.

  • ...and so much more

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